A Plan for Torrance

Keeping the citizens of Torrance safe and prosperous is Geoff Rizzo’s first priority for city government. Be it as a Torrance police officer, city planner, family man, community volunteer, adjunct professor or city councilman – Geoff’s drive to serve others has provided him with the skills and expertise our city needs. In Geoff Rizzo, voters can expect a strong leader with the kind of integrity and loyalty we need in city government.

A Focus on What Matters

  • Providing our first responders have ample staff levels, training and resources
  • Keeping our streets safe by finding new solutions to ease traffic congestion, improve intersections and reduce collisions
  • Supporting efforts to add quality jobs and vital services that enhance city revenues
  • Promoting smart development through public-private partnerships that incentivize hiring and manufacturing locally
  • Maintaining our city’s historic charm and family-oriented character
  • Keeping our citizens informed, our government accountable and our city financially solvent