Welcome to Geoff Rizzo's Online Headquarters
for Torrance City Council 2016.

Kickoff Event October 14th.


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Determined To Serve

DRIVEN To Succeed


On June 3, 2014, we voted to trust Geoff Rizzo with the leadership of our great city – and he has proven we were right to do so. Just as he has done as a career police officer, city planner and adjunct professor, Councilman Rizzo has worked tirelessly to ensure the safety and prosperity of the city and the citizens he loves.

Geoff has a clear understanding of our issues because they are his issues too. He knows that public safety and economic prosperity are key to maintaining healthy families, schools and communities. Just as he protected the residents of Torrance as a 30-year police officer and first-term city councilman, he will continue to protect our quality of life when he is re-elected to the Council.

A Proven Leader with a Lifetime of Service to the People of Torrance

Re-elect Geoff Rizzo to
Torrance City Council

June 7, 2016